Thursday, June 28, 2012

SDCC: Warner Bros autograph system announced

The WB is expecting there to be quite a call for autographs at this year's Comic Con. So much so, they've instituted a ticketing system to make sure everybody gets a fare shake. With the lineup of stars they've announced today, it was probably a good move.

From the Big Bang theory and Fringe all the way up to HBO's Game of Thrones and True Blood, Warner Bros is offering a panel of celeb signings for everyone at this year's SDCC.

MAD Autograph Signing
The Big Bang Theory Autograph SigningCult Autograph SigningArrow Autograph Signing666 Park Avenue Autograph SigningH+ Autograph SigningHBO’s Game of Thrones Autograph SigningChildrens Hospital Autograph SigningNikita Autograph Signing
Fringe Autograph SigningThe Following Autograph SigningRevolution Autograph SigningThe Vampire Diaries Autograph SigningPerson of Interest Autograph SigningHBO’s True Blood Autograph Signing
Supernatural Autograph SigningDC Nation Autograph Signing
With all that star power in attendance, the studio has started up a new procedure for getting yourself a wristband that will allow you to queue up. It's honestly not all that complicated of a process, and Warners has provided us with a neat and tidy checklist of the how's and when's.

So here's how you get the good stuff:

  1. Fans identify the signing they want to attend
  2. On the morning of the day of the signing they hope to attend, fans should arrive at the Sails Pavilion floor (between Ballroom 20 and Rooms 6A, 6BCF and 6DE) in the morning
  3. Ticket distribution for Comic-Con’s random draw will begin when the Sails Pavilion opens to attendees. Badged Comic-Con members can begin lining up as soon as the Sails Pavilion area opens. The ticket drawings will begin at 8:00 a.m. or shortly thereafter.
  4. A limited number of wristbands will be available for each signing, via Comic-Con’s random draw process
  5. There will be one line for all drawings and signings. We appreciate your patience!
  6. The random drawing will determine which fans receive wristbands granting access to each autograph line
  7. Fans who obtain wristbands should arrive at the Warner Bros. booth 30 minutes before the signing to line up
  8. See below for the current signing dates for TV and digital series. The feature film signings will be announced at a later date.
Also pretty important- the WB's booth is #4545. All the signings that you see above? They'll be held there- no private rooms. So expect... crowds. Big, big crowds.