Friday, June 22, 2012

SDCC: Sideshow announces show exclusives

Makers of high-quality collectables and statuary, Sideshow Collectables, announced today that the'll be bringing some very cool exclusive Star Wars and G.I. Joe toys to Comic Con International next month.

Lt. Falcon from G.I. Joe will be at the Con in all his 12" collector figure glory along with a few members of the classic cantina band from Star Wars- Tech Mo'Or and Doikk Na'Ts.

The cantina band members each come complete with a futuristic musical instrument and Falcon comes with machine gun, loaded backpack, and camo fatigues. It's a really neat assortment of stuff and definitely should give fans something they can happily take away from the show.

You know something cool about Falcon? He was voiced by the inimitable Mr. Don Johnson in the G.I. Joe movie from way back.

Check out more about Sideshow Toys on their official site or follow their journey to SDCC 2012 right here.