Friday, October 9, 2009

Nintendo World Tour

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World of Nintendo Tour Brings Top Games and Systems Directly to Consumers
As the hustle and bustle of the holiday season draws near, Nintendo is making it easier for consumers to sample and experience some of the year’s most talked-about games and game systems. This past weekend, Oct. 2-4, the new World of Nintendo sampling tour kicked off with an appearance at the annual Long Beach Comic Con in Long Beach, Calif., treating attendees to a firsthand look at a variety of recent and forthcoming games for the Wii, Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi systems.
Less than a week after consumers discovered a new suggested retail price of $199.99 for Wii, World of Nintendo participants in Long Beach gathered for hands-on demonstrations of games like Wii Sports Resort, Wii Fit Plus and Punch-Out!!, as well as the upcoming New Super Mario Bros. Wii. The event also highlighted new hand-held games such as Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box and the highly anticipated The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, both playable on Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi systems. World of Nintendo visitors also enjoyed a glimpse into a selection of downloadable game titles on the WiiWare and Nintendo DSiWare services.
Upcoming World of Nintendo tour stops include America’s VideoGame Expo in Philadelphia (Oct. 9-11) and the Big Apple Comic Con in New York City (Oct. 16-18). Like this year’s traveling Nintendo DSi Mobile Tour and Wii Sports Resort Mobile Tour, World of Nintendo reflects Nintendo’s ongoing commitment to actively expanding the audience for video games, attracting new and veteran players with a lineup of inclusive game titles, innovative motion controls and console features that allow players to stay connected with family and friends.

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Sounds pretty cool. Nintendo has been really great with these tours and showcases lately and of course it's always nice to get a little love here in the big apple. In case you missed it:

Upcoming World of Nintendo tour stops include America’s VideoGame Expo in Philadelphia (Oct. 9-11) and the Big Apple Comic Con in New York City (Oct. 16-18). 

Thank heaven for the BACC since the NYCC won't be around at all this year. It'll return next October.

Nintendo Download (little late sorry)

Discover New Worlds, Hidden Words and the First FINAL FANTASY
Fans of the legendary FINAL FANTASY® series should be especially pleased with this week’s downloadable game lineup. Making its Virtual Console debut is the original FINAL FANTASY, an NES classic that can now be enjoyed on the Wii system for the very first time. For hand-held gaming action with a sci-fi twist, this week’s new Nintendo DSiWare title, Thorium Wars, lets you take control of an arsenal of vehicles to blast through waves of enemies in a variety of exotic locations. If it’s a more down-to-earth experience you’re after, check out an engaging new WiiWare puzzle game. Consumers should also note that today is the final day of a special promotion: You can receive 1,000 bonus Nintendo DSi Points by purchasing a new Nintendo DSi game system and connecting to the Nintendo DSi Shop by 11:59 p.m. Pacific time on Oct. 5, 2009. For full offer details, please visit
Virtual Console
Original platform: NES
Publisher: SQUARE ENIX
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) – Mild Fantasy Violence
Price: 500 Wii Points
Description: The world lies shrouded in darkness. The winds die. The sea rages. The earth decays. But the people believe in a prophecy, patiently awaiting its fulfillment. “When darkness veils the earth, four Warriors of Light shall come....” After a long journey, four young travelers did at last appear, and in the hand of each was clutched a crystal.
Nintendo DSiWare
Thorium Wars
Publisher: Big John Games
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: E10+ (Everyone 10 and Older) – Fantasy Violence
Price: 1,000 Nintendo DSi Points
Description: In Thorium Wars, you must stop the Thorions, a super species of Thorium-based machines, from destroying mankind. Blast through waves of Thorions by controlling an arsenal of tanks, skyfighters, hovercrafts, gunboats and starfighters with either the standard or touch-screen controls. In 12 exciting missions, navigate through a variety of combat environments while viewing 360 degrees of the battlefield, fully rendered in 3-D. Toggle between first- and third-person views to destroy the terrifying army of Thorium beasts, from swarms of Redeye Drones to the bone-crushing Manticore Walker. This man-versus-machine battle proves to be the ultimate test for the survival of the fittest.
Word Searcher
Publisher: Digital Leisure Inc.
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
Price: 500 Wii Points
Description: You’ll need a sharp eye and a quick mind to complete 100 themed word-search puzzles. Word Searcher contains fun words from multiple categories including anatomy, world cities and U.S. presidents. With a huge assortment of subjects to choose from, there’s sure to be a puzzle for everyone to enjoy. Help improve your vocabulary, memory and problem-solving skills with these engaging puzzles. Track and try to beat your own play-through times again and again—words are scrambled every time you play.

Free Forza 3 worms for the early birds

Pretty cool, on day one wwhen you get F3 home and fire it up, you'll be able to add ten awesome cars to the already impressive list. Nice little bonus-

The free Motorsports Legends Car Pack includes these 10 cars hand picked by Turn 10:
·         ’65 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA
·         ’64 Aston Martin DB5 Vantage
·         ’81 BMW M1
·         ’60 Chevrolet Corvette
·         ’69 Dodge Charger 
·         ’57 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa
·         ’80 Fiat 131 Abarth
·         ’67 Lamborghini Miura P400
·         ’71 Nissan Skyline 2000 GT-R
·         ’65 Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe

Xbox Live DLC & Games on Demand for the scariest month on the calendar

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Games on Demand to keep the heart pumping

This month, feel the heady rush of adrenaline with a mind-blowing Games on Demand lineup.

October 6: “Call of Duty 3” (Activision): Follow the Allies on the Normandy Breakout campaign, and watch as they push inland to liberate Paris and take the first step on the path to Berlin. In “Call of Duty 3”, you assume the role of one of the four ordinary Allied soldiers (American, British, Canadian or Polish) and join your troops as you march into an authentic, living battlefield for unprecedented combat. Battle it out online with up to 24 players in either single or split-screen play. Run and gun or commandeer multiple-occupancy vehicles including tanks, motorcycles and jeeps.

“Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Vegas 2” (Ubisoft): Now is your chance to return to Sin City where you can help rescue Vegas from an escalating terrorist siege that forces you into heart-pounding action from beginning to end.

October 13: “Grand Theft Auto IV” (Rockstar Games): Set in the largest, most richly detailed interactive environment created, “Grand Theft Auto IV” tells the story of Niko Bellic and his journey through modern-day Liberty City. Searching for a mysterious figure who wronged him in the past, Niko becomes embroiled in a world of violence and corruption as he struggles to cope with his cousin’s mounting debt and the seedy underbelly of Liberty City. The epic story carries on with a new protagonist, story, weapons, music and vehicles in the much anticipated October 29 release of “Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony”.  Liberty City gets an overdose of guns, glitz and grime and you can get in on the explosive Multiplayer Unlocked event coming at the end of October.

October 20: “Midnight Club Los Angeles” (Rockstar Games): Race at breakneck speeds through the streets of Modern-day L.A. Drive the hottest real-world turners, muscle cars, luxury cars, exotics and superbikes on the streets today, all recreated in stunning detail. For heart pounding street racing with no track, no load times and no rules: Welcome to the Midnight Club.

“Army of Two” (Electronic Arts): When one man is not enough, it will take an army of two to fight through war, political turmoil and a conspiracy so vast it threatens the entire world.  Get ready for the imminent release of the first blockbuster of 2010, “Army of Two: The 40th Day”, by playing through the first game in the series. Players who keep a saved game from the original on their hard drive will gain access to two unique weapons, designed by fans for fans of the franchise.

“Sonic Unleashed” (SEGA): Join Sonic in his quest to save the world from Dr. Eggman. On a pursuit for domination, Dr. Eggman unleashes a slumbering beast from the center of the world. This causes a devastating tremor that splinters the world and triggers a mysterious transformation in Sonic. The world divided, and Sonic altered with new abilities and powers, the stage is set for a climactic battle.

October 27: “Dead Space” (Electronic Arts): Set in the cold blackness of deep space, the award-winning “Dead Space” delivers the ultimate in psychological thrills and gruesome actions. The atmosphere in “Dead Space” is soaked with a feeling of tension, dread and sheer terror. Players step into the role of engineer Isaac Clarke, an ordinary man on a seemingly routine mission to fix the communications system aboard a mining ship. However, it’s not long before Isaac awakes to a living nightmare filled with vicious genetic mutations inside a dead, claustrophobic silence. Trapped and cut off, you must help Isaac engage in a desperate fight for survival.

“DiRT” (Codemasters): “DiRT” blends death-defying off-road action, precision control and tricked-out intensity of street racing into a visually stunning motorsports masterpiece. Choose from a wealth of officially licensed cars and real-world locations, as you careen through gravel, dirt and mud, doing whatever it takes to bring the trophy home.

These are a Few of Our Favorite Things
Ahhh... fall and all its glory. The crisp air, the change of seasons, the comfort food.  If you’re like us, what gets us really excited is FOOTBALL! Now, take your NFL rivalry to Xbox LIVE and sport your favorite team’s jersey with “Madden NFL” gear (EA SPORTS). Just in time for all the Sunday, Monday and Thursday night NFL action, starting October 8 you can keep your Avatar in the red zone. Round out October with Prep School gear, and University favorites. Huzzah!

Already have your Halloween costume picked out? Don’t leave your Avatar out in the dust! Dress them up in one of our fun, tricked out styles, whether you’re feeling witchy, spooky or like a pretty, pretty princess. Starting October 15, hit up the Hershey’s costume shop for some sweet costume treats.

Another great thing about fall? Winter is right around the corner! Gear your Avatar up with Skullcandy. Starting October 1, you can take your pick from signature varieties of Skullcandy headphones and styles that will rock your unique Winter Avatar style. You girls out there will also be able to express your gaming attitude with GamerchiX styles starting October 22.

Vampires, Princes, Games and More… All at a Discounted Price

Quality downloadable games at value prices are an easy find with a fun-filled Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week lineup. With an assortment of Arcade titles offered at a bargain price, you’ll find the perfect downloadable treat. October 5th venture to ancient Persia and heal the world from the evil corruption in “Prince of Persia® Epilogue” (Ubisoft). October 12th, break out the popcorn as “HASBRO FAMILY GAME NIGHT” (Electronic Arts) is a bundle of family fun with cut backs on prices for each beloved favorite (BATTLESHIP, CONNECT 4, SCRABBLE, YAHTZEE, BOGGLE and SORRY! Sliders). “Resident Evil 5 Versus Mode” (Capcom) offers more bio hazardous challenges for less on October 19th, and play three exciting casino-style games set in the world of Albion at half-off with “Fable II Pub Games” (Microsoft Game Studios) on October 26th. Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week continuously delivers more fun for less, and is available exclusively for Xbox LIVE Gold Members. 

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lips DLC Update for Oktoberfest

Okay not really for 'fest, actually just for October. There's some All Hallows Eve tracks stuck in there though, does that count for anything?

Available on Oct 2:
My Lovin' (You’re Never Gonna Get It) – En Vogue
Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Deep Blue Something

Available on Oct 9:
Barely Breathing – Duncan Sheik
Always – Erasure

Available on Oct 16:
Chains of Love – Erasure
Return of The Mack – Mark Morrison
Lucky – Jason Mraz feat. Colbie Caillat

Available on Oct 23:
Baby Love – The Supremes
Stop! In The Name of Love – The Supremes
You Can’t Hurry Love – The Supremes
The Supremes Song Pack – Includes Baby Love, Stop! In The Name Of Love and You Can’t Hurry Love

Available on Oct 30:
I’ll Stand By You – The Pretenders
Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You – Glenn Medeiros
Geile Zeit – Juli*
Nichts Bringt Mich Runter – Ich + Ich*
Dis Wo Ich Herkomm–Samy Deluxe *

Is anyone out there actually still playing Lips? The sequel comes out soon, so there might be interest there- but I've never met anyone who's played the original.