Monday, June 4, 2012

DealNews infographic details gamer-spending

Not something that gets all that much play (except when it's excessively good/bad), the new graphic released by DealNews nonetheless has some very interesting tidbits about the spending habits of certain players. You will be surprised by some of this.

The thing that really made my eyebrow go up was the fact that seemingly nobody from the 1,500 some odd people polled had any interest in the Wii U.

Of course, as this is being posted, Nintendo has yet to hold it's press conference; so interest might change depending on what they show off. There will be a new Super Mario shown, so you can pretty much bank on the fact that that will be a big draw. Probably add quite a few more people to the pre-order list for the console with that.

There's a bunch of cool stuff on there though aside from Nintendo news, so make with the clicking already. (and check out the original feature here)