Saturday, October 25, 2008

In Progress Review : Spiderman:Web of Shadows

So I've been playing a lot of stuff lately, so many things have come out that it's hard to see through all of the triple A titles. As a result, I'm sure many of you have overlooked the recent Spiderman game that dropped last week- Web of Shadows.

It has a few issues, don't get me wrong, (and chief among them are the inconsistent graphics and cringe-inducing voice work) but it's a fun game that pretty much any Spidey fan will enjoy. This is a solid action title and has probably my faveorite web-swinging mechanic from all of the Spidey games- once you get the hang of it. There is a bit of a learning curve. There's a pretty good story here too, involving a symbiote invasion of NYC. But that's just the main plotline, it's not all that you'll find here- there are plenty of other cool bits that include Black Cat, Moon Knight, the Kingpin, Wolverine, and quite a few others.

Definately worth a rental, worth a buy if you're a comic junkie.

Spider-man: Web of Shadows is out now for all consoles, next week for the PC

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Castlevania returns with a bang!

In a short trailer today at the Tokyo Game Show, Konami showed off the newest Castlevania coming to home consoles- the 360 and PS3 to be exact. There's no name yet but reportedly the game will feature Alucard, Dracula's son as the main character!

Al was the hero of 'Symphony of the Night'- arguably the best Castlevania in the series, and my all time fave. Sign me up on this one if Alucard is in it and, of course, it actually looks enjoyable. Which is not something that any other 3D 'Vania can boast.

As more comes in, I'll report on it right here-

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I want you all to get up...

Get out of your chairs and yell- I'm damn sick of LEGO games and I'm not going to play them anymore!

Maybe that's too strong. I've been playing Batman and I haven't been enjoying it to much. I don't know what happened either, I used to love LEGO games so I had no problem buying Batman, but... And it's not because it's Batman either- my favorite super-hero of all time.

It just seems like the magic is gone. Two Star Wars games, an Indy game... I think they maybe just pushed it too far too soon.

Oh well...

Turn those boring car trips into a never-ending shooter!

The headline says it all- but read this anyway.

Freakin. Cool.