Thursday, July 31, 2008

Anybody seen an iPhone anywhere around here?

I STILL can't get one. Unbelievable. Four hour lines and it's been out for almost a month.

Great Article

This is a great piece about the state of the tech industry and how it's changing. Beautiful stuff, fun too.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Batman Returns

No, I didn't get the name of the stunningly godlike movie wrong. I'm talking about the new Batman video game coming to consoles. Apparently this was a super-secret, hush hush project but Gary Oldman let some info slip out during an interview for 'The Dark knight'. He didn't say much except that he was providing the voice for Lt. Gordon and that there were some cool gliding segments.

Personally, I'm very excited. I know this probably has very little chance of being good, but I likes me some Batman. Actually, I'll pretty much buy any superhero game that comes out. I have a problem.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


This says a lot about the entertainment industry and where it's heading.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

E3 '08 Impressions

Wow, it's been a pretty good show so far! That's especially so for Microsoft. In fact, without them, it'd be a pretty dull show so far.

MS comes out on top so far with not only the games they've shown off for this coming holiday, (great lineup, impressive amout of AA-AAA titles) but also for the completely unexpected re-do for the Xbox Dashboard. It looks absolutely phenominal! The new sliding, "Vista-like" window design in place of the blades was an excellent choice to give the system a whole new look- it's on par with the PS3's dash and just as pretty. It'll be out in the fall update.

The only thing that leaves me scratching my head is the decision to leave the new Halo branded games off of the table. Makes no sense. Why not go for the knockout punch?

On the other side, while there's nothing really earthshaking coming out of Sony's camp except to say that the games coming down the pike look good, they still impress over the complete debacle that was Nintendo.

What was in their conference? I can't even remember off hand. That motion plus thing looks like a laughable little gimmick from Mad-Catz or something. Although that might be a little rough on Mad-Catz. I'm so disappointed by them this year. No new Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Kid Icarus, Punch out=CRAP. Thanks Reggie.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Xbox 360 price cut is official

The 360 pro will now only cost you $299 at retail. $50 may not be the biggest drop in the world, but it just makes Microsoft's console look even tastier to the masses. Sony already announced no price drop will be forthcoming for the PS3. I wonder how smart that is.

Finally... Killzone 2

Okay, impressions time.

The AI seems disturbingly stupid and it's very easy to tell what's scripted/pre-animated and what's gameplay. Other than that, it looks great. I'm not too sure if it'll be one of the all-time greats (I'm still kind of meh on it), but it shows promise. I just hope that the AI is still a work in progress thing, which it probably is. Hopefully.

Friday, July 11, 2008

ATT line war stories...

I live. Barely. Today was hard, we got hit on our way into the bunkers. There weren't supposed to be any guards. The horror, the horror....

That's almost what the line outside the ATT store on Continental felt like. Very close. But without any weapons. I think.

All I was doing was heading to pay a bill and the furor that rose up to greet me was blinding. Cursing, shouting, and nose picking in my general direction. I was there to pay a bill ya jackasses! Do you think they would have let me in ahead of everybody if I just asked nicely?!? And besides, I'm just going to wait out the nutso's and get one next week : ) Nyah :P

Thursday, July 10, 2008

iPhone tomorrow


What the hell am I so happy about? I have no idea!

It's almost the same iPhone that launched a year ago! But I'm so freakin excited for it! Why!?!

NO IDEA. (but I'll be on line getting one at some point this weekend.)