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About our reviews:

In the past, we've mainly tried to give you a feel for whatever game it is that we're taking a look at by simply talking about it's good and bad points in a general manner. Scores weren't something that we were really concerned with since we are a small site and just wanted to give a sense of- 'hey, we're fans', just like everybody reading this -and not some faceless group that doles out number grades. In fact, we didn't even call them 'reviews', instead going with the 'musings' title.

That's changed as we've gotten a little (stress that part) bigger and we've actually received messages about giving out real, 'is it good or isn't it?', numbers. So that's just what we'll be doing from here on in.

Reviews aren't our main direction, as a site we're more news based, and that won't be changing. But when we do review a game, book, movie, whatever, you'll find a detailed look at just why it was such a joy (or a horror) to play. At the end, you'll see a short sentence giving you a 'bottom line' judgment with pair of digits followed by a '%'.

This grade is based on the overall enjoyment of the title in question by the reviewer. That's really it. It's not a case of taking the score for the graphics and adding the score for the sound (and play control, etc...) and then dividing by whatever. It's just the number value given to the game by the reviewer based on his/her overall enjoyment of it.

We hope you like it-