Friday, June 22, 2012

Royal Faerie catching 101 on iOS

Faerie Planet has been updated with a new flying friend of royal bearing.Say 'hi' to Queen Lizzie.

Faerie Planet brings the enchanted world of finding and catching faeries to the iPhone and iPad – and from today, there’s a new faerie type to find: the Royal Faerie: Queen Lizzie.
Bringing the sparkle of Jubilee celebrations into the faerie kingdom, Queen Lizzie is as lovely as she is unique, with red, white and blue wings and royal regalia.
Faerie Planet uses the iPhone's (or iPad's) camera to 'see' faerie's in the real world all around the player. You earn points and bonuses by catching the cute little guys.
Catching faeries is what makes Faerie Planet fun. The free version comes with a Woodland Faerie pre-loaded. Players can catch two faeries and use limited Mysties. Queen Lizzie is available in the upgrade version and can appear at anytime. In the upgrade app, players can collect 11 faerie types and create, send and receive unlimited Mysties. It is available via an in-app purchase of £0.69p.

There are useful new help tutorials included in the latest upgrade to the Faerie Planet app. Kids can tap on the question mark icon at the top right of the screen in various sections of the app to watch mini-videos showing how to catch faeries, add friends, track faeries caught and send Mysties. The videos are also available on the Faerie Planet website, YouTube and Facebook.
Click here to jump in on the faerie catching action through the App store.