Tuesday, June 5, 2012

E3: Your iPhone goes to a galaxy far, far away

Star Wars fans are having a very nice little E3 for themselves this year.

With the unveiling of Star Wars 1313 the other day, we got a peek at one of the most original looking Wars games in years- and today Power A has revealed a brand new series of cases for iPhone 4/4s' that should make fans almost as happy.

What do you get when you combine classic sci-fi imagery and artwork with a smartphone case? These:

There are two different series' of cases going on here. The first four pictured are molded in 3D. So that basically means that Darth Vader's chest piece (for example) will actually have a nubby feel with all of the buttons an switches raised a bit off of the flat main body of the case.

There are quite a few specialty cases on the market that take advantage of this particular design style and it's really neat when it comes off correctly. I don't think that there's ever been a Star Wars branded case that was ever crafted in this way, nothing comes to mind anyway, so it's really cool to see this lineup.

At the right of the pic is a pair of cases that are flat and matte finished. As you can see, they've got some very cool artwork emblazoned across them. Even though the first set is cool, I think (as a classic Star Wars fan anyway) it's this second 'art series' that I'm most interested in. There little babies are particularly gorgeous.

 Look for all of these games to hit retail later this year and don't forget to check out PowerA.com/starwars for more