Friday, March 2, 2012

RingStix Tosses Around Some Fun

Still playing Frisbee? How utterly last millennium. This Spring, why not give the old RingStix a whirl?

What's a RingStick? Well, picture trying to catch a 5" ring by impaling it with a pair of 25" sticks.
RingStix is played with slightly curved 25 inch sword-like sticks and a 5
inch ring. With a stick in each hand crossed, and the ring over both sticks,
players simply flare out their arms to propel the ring spinning forward
toward the other player. That player then uses the point of one or both of
the sticks to catch the flying ring and sends it back again in the same
manner. The faster and harder a player flares the sticks the farther the
ring will fly, sometimes up to 50 yards, even in strong winds.
Sounds a little bit like discs of Tron... do want. You can check out RingStix right here - the standard version sells for $19.99 and the 'Pro' (which also includes a carry bag) goes for $34.99. Both sets are ready to go and include all the gear necessary for two players.