Tuesday, March 6, 2012

MadCatz Ships SFxT Arcade Sticks & Pads

Street Fighter x Tekken finally beats down retail shelves this week and peripheral maker du jour MadCatz is right there with a full lineup of fight sticks and pads to mark the occasion.

Whether you're a King of the Iron Fist or a well traveled World Warrior, there's a stick/pad for you. MadCatz is offering a pair of sticks- the Pro and the V.S.

V.S. $199

Pro $159
Particularly cool about the V.S. (not that the Pro is a slouch) is that it's not only made with genuine arcade caliber parts, but it's also able to link up with a second stick via a special connector kit (sold separately, natch') Basically, that means that you can totally recreate the true arcade experience of standing right next to your buddy as you dish out the beatings.

The Connector Kit is an extra $20

And while sticks are great and (arguably) the 'right' way to play an arcade fighter, I've personally always been a pad man. To that end -

Four different flavor of artwork to start things off - $39.99
Now I know you're probably saying- 'but real purists use a stick!' Yeah, yeah... well chew on this- These FightPad SD's are 15% smaller than previous versions of the design. Know why? Because Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono likes 'em that way. In fact he prefers them. Now what do you think about pads?

Check out the full lineup of MadCatz' SFxT offerings right here.