Thursday, March 8, 2012

Danger: Beware of Sabertooth Vampires

Dark Horse Presents is about to take a bite out of readers... well, it's going to try to take a bite out of readers as the Sabertooth Vampire makes his debut.
Sabes is a webcomic written by Mike Russell, if you don't know, and follows the mis-adventures of one extremely well-endowed vamp...

After appearing online for a while now, the strip is making it's way to the printed page as a part of Dark Horse Presents. This is a particular thrill for Russell as he's quite the fan.
“One of the first books that got me into comics in the nineties was the original black-and-white Dark Horse Presents—back when it was serializing stuff like Sin City and The One Trick Rip-Off and Hellboy: The Wolves of Saint August,” said Russell. “So as you can imagine, getting to submit a few strips for DHP was a huge moment for me personally as well as professionally.”
As well as the DHP appearance, you can find The Sabertooth Vampire in a pair of collected volumes, Beware the Saber-Toothed Vampire and The Sabertooth Vampire Unleashed. Both tomes are published by Russell himself and make for some really funny stuff.

For the Dark Horse Presents run, fans of toothy should expect a few changes and a pretty big surprise.
“Porting my webcomic over to DHP was an awesome experience for three very specific reasons,” said Russell. “One, I got to add color to the strip, with the help of ace cartoonist/colorist/brother-in-arms Bill Mudron. Two, I received some first-class professional editing from Scott Allie and Daniel Chabon. And three, I swung for the fences and asked if I could draw a crossover strip where the Sabertooth Vampire fought one particular world-famous Dark Horse character, and to my delighted surprise, that character’s creator said yes.”
Look for The Sabertooth Vampire in DHP issues #12 & #14, which'll be on sale 5/23 and 7/18 respectively. Oh, one more thing about the lil' guy straight from Russell: "Also he turns into a really pathetic bat.” If that doesn't make you want to read the tiny vamp's story, I don't think anything will.