Thursday, March 15, 2012

Deadliest Warrior gets Deadlier

Deadliest Warrior titles The Game and Legends are being combined into one massive, historical, fightfest with Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat. Loaded with new weapons, a new level, and exclusive show content; the gangs all here for the series' first retail release.
Formerly only available as downloadable titles on Xbox Live and the PSN, Deadliest Warrior (based on the History Channel show of the same name) pits pairs of the... deadliest warriors... in human history against one another in fantasy showdowns.

The one-on-one fighter is getting the royal treatment for retail shelves too. Fans will not only get both downloadable games on the disc; but also a brand new level, 30 new weapons, and never before released episodes from all three seasons of the show:

The brand new “Graveyard” arena exclusive to “Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat”

30 new weapons, including a “Lockbar Axe” for William Wallace, the “Monk’s Spade” for Sun Tzu and a “Tsonga Battle Axe” for Shaka Zulu

Both digital titles and all DLC included for only $29.99

Cross-play with consumers of the original digitally-distributed titles

Never-before-released episodes of the show exclusive to “Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat”

Preorder “Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat” and receive the GameStop exclusive DVD featuring two full episodes of the TV series, including one never before released on DVD!
Legionnaires and Mongol Hordes take note, Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat will be available April 17th for both the PS3 and Xbox 360 at the paltry price tag of $29.99 USD.