Monday, March 5, 2012

New Halo 4 Shots Released

A small dripping of new in-game shots from this Falls Halo 4 in action was released today by Microsoft. Any kind of meaningful details are beyond scarce right now, but if these screens are anything to go by- at least we know it's gonna be pretty.

Well, maybe we know a liiiiitle bit more about the game than just what we can glean from the pair of shots shown off here.

G4TV posted up a 'behind the scenes' video today that they filmed with developer 343 industries. There are a few various bits and bobs in there about the leanings of the single player adventure that they're putting together as goes John 117 himself and some tantilizing info about the multiplayer and just how they're tying it in (yes, you read that right) to the main storyline.

Head over here for that. Look below for the screenshots.