Friday, March 16, 2012

3D Bears now Dancing all Over the App Store

While 3D dancing bears might conjure up images of the circus in some of us, that really doesn't apply here as these bears actually enjoy strutting their stuff.

StormCellar invites your kids to dance along in the colorful, visually stunning world of Cosmo, Ginger, and Baby Cooper, where dress up and dance entertain everyone. From top hats to tutus, dress the bears head-to-toe in the perfect costume with more than 140 accessories and clothing options to choose from.   Then send your new friends on stage to dance!  Each bear specializes in a dance style: Cosmo Bear is a world-renowned tap dancer, Ginger Bear travels the world delighting adoring fans with her ballet moves and Baby Cooper Bear loves to be on stage busting out the most entertaining hip-hop routines.  Help out your playful pals during their dance sessions by tapping the screen to start and stop at the right moments.  It won’t be long until the 3D Bears dance into the hearts of your children, and kids of all ages will enjoy watching the 3D Bears dance.  They may even find themselves tapping their own toes along to the beat with their new friends

3D Bears is a seriously cute game and would more than likely make a nice little afternoon for the little ones in your family. It's available now on the App Store and on the Android Marketplace, optimized for the Galaxy, Xoom, and Kindle Fire.