Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tiger Woods Tees Off

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 officially shipped to stores today, bringing with it some of the biggest changes to the series in years.

Both the standard edition and the 'Masters' version of the game will be in stores on the 30th. The biggest change from earlier editions of the long running series? Probably the shot customization and Kinect integration.
“We focused on making Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 the most immersive golf experience ever.  Fans have the opportunity to chase and win one of sport’s most highly coveted accomplishments, the Green Jacket, play with or against friends with our online Country Clubs mode and incorporate their authentic swing in the game with Kinect integration,” said Mike Taramykin, vice president and general manager of Tiger Woods PGA TOUR. “Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 is the total package.” 
Actually bringing your own unique swing into the game itself is a pretty cool feature and one that even a non-golf nut would probably enjoy playing around with. There is still more to the game though, as it offers a full season of venues, voice commands (with Kinect), and a special mode that allows you to relive Tiger Woods' greatest moments from throughout his career... and his childhood.
Tiger Legacy Challenge celebrates Tiger’s greatest golf moments from child prodigy to golfing legend. The mode features 10 different eras where gamers can relive Tiger’s days as a toddler playing golf in his childhood backyard, his domination of junior and amateur events, his remarkable Tiger Slam in 2000-2001, his 14 major championship wins and much more. 
As far as the collectors 'Masters' edition, fans can nab some extra booty with their fave tee time sim.
In addition to all the content available in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13, the Collector’s Edition provides gamers with the most comprehensive Masters Tournament experience ever. It features exclusive access to Augusta National Golf Club’s Tournament Practice Facility, its famous Par 3 Course, an authentic Green Jacket Presentation, five additional courses and the ability to explore the hallowed grounds like never before – all of which has been authentically replicated down to millimeters of the actual course.
 Both versions of the game will be available on the 30th for the both the Xbox 360 and PS3. A standard copy will run you $59.99 USD while a Collectors Masters Edition will go for ten bucks more at $69.99