Monday, March 5, 2012

George Lucas Showcased on Prophets of Science Fiction

Lucas is all set to share some of his thoughts on the universe he built and some of the truly fascinating ways that it predicted some of today's cutting edge science. Hell be appearing on the season finale of one of Diccovery's most popular shows, Prophets of Science Fiction.

Created by Ridley Scott (yes, that Ridley Scott), PSF explores the very real (and slightly spooky) connection between science fiction and science fact, as well as those whose ideas foresaw groundbreaking modern discovery's. Now wrapping up it's inaugural season, the show has looked at some of the best and brightest luminaries of the art form - and saved one of the very biggest for last.
Can our thoughts change the world? Is the ‘Force’ a remarkable prediction of the mind’s ability to shape reality beyond the walls of our bodies? Star Wars visionary George Lucas imagined sci-fi wonders that have inspired real world scientists to conquer the impossible and redefine the potential of humanity itself.
Catch Star Wars creator George Lucas on Prophets of Sci-Fi when it aires on Science this Wednesday (March 7th) at 10:PM eastern and pacific.