Friday, March 30, 2012

NHL Joins Madden With a Cover Vote

NHL 13 now has a cover vote in much the same way that it's NFL cousin, Madden, as enjoyed for a while now.

From now until June, fans can log onto and log their pick for the cover athlete for the 2013 edition of EA's NHL franchise.

Sponsored by Blackberry and hosted by the NHL itself, the vote consists of a pair of preliminary rounds (that'll pit teammates against one another) followed by a 16 player bracket. All that'll whittle a full field of 60 players down to a sole man who'll get the nod as the cover boy.

The whole sordid affair will look a little something like this:
  • March 29 – April 11: Round of 60: one representative from each team plus two wild card selections advance* 
  • April 12 – April 22: 32-Player Leaderboard: fans vote for their favorite 16 candidates; top 16 vote-getters advance 
  • April 24 – June 4: Round of 16: single-elimination playoff bracket decides NHL 13 cover athlete
The first round of voting ends on the first day of the Stanley Cup finals- that's April 11th for those not 'in the know'. So the point is, you might want to make with the clicking.