Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kinect Launches Today

Are you getting one?

If you've read our newest feature from Celebrity & entertainment magazine, then you know my take on the device already. Basically, Kinect has a tremendous up side and it's potential is almost unlimited. Truely, it's a groundbreaking piece of technology that's probably going to be integrated into quite a few consumer electronic items in the years to come.

But there is a down side- right now we're not talking about general entertainment devices. The games are the thing and the games... well lets say they're a little lacking. Much like the PS Move from last month, Kinect has a super weak launch lineup that's mostly shovelware. Now next year there will actually be some things that might make the 'must play' list, a Panzer Dragoon-like shooter and a follow-up to Steel Battalion are the two that have already made my most wanted, but right now it's very difficult to recommend Kinect to anyone other than folks who just like to have the newest tech toy.

And if that's you, by all means- enjoy. I'll be right there along side you. But for the rest of the reading audience, I'd wait. The stuff you really are going to want to play is at least a quarter or two away.