Thursday, November 11, 2010

Warner Bros Releases Cheat List for Aragorn's Quest

Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest was a reasonably entertaining, 'cartoony', re-imagining of the gritty LotR film trilogy. Maybe it wasn't exactly what fans wanted or were expecting but nevertheless, there it was. I have a feeling that a lot of folks passed since it landed at retail the same day as Halo Reach. I know I did...

Anyway... WB has released a set of cheats (and some basic strategy) for all four versions of the title. 'Why?', you might ask. 'I don't know.', I might answer.

Read on and make with the easy-



  • The fastest way to defeat the Mumakil in Pellenor Fields is to use a Mounted Charge attack on their hind legs.
  • Find the Palantir in each chapter to reveal all hidden items on the map, such as Fellowship Tokens. Hint: The Palantir in the Rohan level is located on the right side of the Golden Hall in Edoras.
  • The Heavy Strike Thrust attack is extremely effective against all Trolls.
  • To get some extra treasure in Moria, get the cave troll to hit Balin’s tomb by standing near it!
  • Aragorn can use the herb Miruvor to automatically revive himself when he has run out of health. One Miruvor Artifact can be purchased in each chapter, if you do not own one already.
  • Collecting all the Lore items in a level will unlock fireworks that you can set off in the Shire.


Enter cheats on the PAUSE menu.

For Player 1 (Aragorn)
Z1122 : Infinite Strength
C2C2C: Infinite Ammo
222BB: Infinite Coin

For Player 2 (Gandalf)
B1B1B: Infinite Flame of Anor (magic)


  • Find sword crafting materials, Rune fragments, and Dwarven Forges to create better swords and other gear for Aragorn.
  • Make sure Aragorn has the best gear equipped for the situation. In easy mode, the strongest gear is automatically equipped for Aragorn as soon as it is unlocked. In Ranger and King difficulty modes, the player must manually customize Aragorn’s gear.
  • To perform a finishing move, target lock a downed enemy and press the Power Strike button.
  • When a group of enemies attacks, defeat the Captain enemy type first. Captains look slightly different; for example they carry flags, and they have the ability to heal enemy troops. Defeating a Captain may also panic the remaining enemy troops, making it easier to defeat them.
  • Complete all Arenas to unlock more gear for Aragorn.


Enter cheats on the MAIN menu. Once any cheat is used, a cheat options screen will appear by pressing “Y” on the options screen. From this cheat options screen, any cheat previously entered on the main menu can be disabled/enabled.

Unlimited Morale L-R-L-R-LS-RS-LS-RS-Y-X L-R-L-R-L1-R1-L1-R1-SQ-TR
Double Speed R-R-R-LS-LS-LS-RS-RS-RS-X R-R-R-L1-L1-L1-R1-R1-R1-TR
Unlimited Arrows L-L-L-X-X-X-LS-RS-LS-RS L-L-L-TR-TR-TR-L1-R1-L1-R1
Rapid Fire Y-X-L-R-X-Y-LS-RS-X-Y SQ-TR-L-R-TR-SQ-L1-R1-TR-SQ

DS Cheat Code Key Guide:

R – Dpad right
L – Dpad left
U – Dpad up
D – Dpad down
RS – Right shoulder
LS – Left shoulder
X – X button
Y – Y button
SQ – Square button
TR – Triangle button