Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Prince of Persia Trilogy to be Available on PSN

The original PoP trilogy that played out across the Xbox and Playstation 2 is coming to PS3's in downloadable, HD, 3D ready form.

It's more than a little odd that publisher Ubisoft is going the dlc route- the validity of 'HD' compilations is already proven at the retail level with both the God of War and Sly Cooper collections. And on top of that the European release of the PoP trilogy is disc based. All three games on one Blu Ray.

Strange, no?

Edit: forgot to mention each  game will be $14.99 and what the release date will be, I have no idea. Worth mentioning though is that the Euro version is apparently region free so it should play on American PS3's. For those who prefer their games to be on physical media. Like me.