Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rock Band Developers Harmonix For Sale

In what's at first glance a puzzling move, parent company Viacom is looking to sell off the developer of Rock Band- widely known as the best music game series around. I say at first glance because when you look deeper, and by deeper I mean 'sales figures', you start to understand.

Even though Rock Band 3 debuted to stellar reviews (I know I love it), purchases have been a tad flat and haven't reached Rock Band 2's blockbuster status- which is one that I'm sure Viacom was looking to repeat.

At this point, it's unclear what this means for the future of the brand or the MTV games division in general. I'd hate for the series to disappear, especially since Guitar Hero is continuing is spiral into mediocrity and newcomer Power Gig (which I had high hopes for) is being universally panned by the press.