Friday, November 26, 2010

Playstation Move Holiday Lineup

So you might be wondering what's on tap for PS Move this Holiday season- the answer? Not really anything that you haven't seen already.

The only thing that hasn't been released yet is a title called Playstation Move Heroes, a game that features Jak & Dakster, Ratchet & Clank, and Sly Cooper taking on multiplayer challenges as well as a mish-mashed group of their respective villains.

Actually sounds neat, but we won't be seeing it until "early 2011". The rest of the stuff is all already available at your local 'lectronics shop.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe have a move for everybody this holiday season with the PlayStation®Move motion controller for PlayStation®3 (PS3TM). The new controller blends motion control with augmented reality, turning your every move into an action on screen - and turning PS3 into the ultimate gaming system for you and your friends. There's now a stellar line-up of immersive, intuitive and action-packed titles in stores for this new star of gaming - with even more experiences in the pipeline. Whether you fancy a dance to MC Hammer, unleashing a hammer-fist to an opponent's head, cocking the hammer of your Time Crisis pistol... or simply hammering a few nails in a televised DIY extravaganza, PlayStation Move is the tool that lets you do it with accuracy. Here's what to look out for in stores this holiday.

SingStar®Dance (Out Now)
You love to sing the hottest tracks - now, it's time to dance them. Prepare to throw shapes with PlayStation Move as your dance partner, mirroring the choreography you see on the screen as you sing along to three decades' worth of hits from the likes of Blondie and Sir Mix A Lot to Lady Gaga and Soulja Boy. Play as a solo star or throw an on-screen performance party with up to three friends: just choose your track, grab a PlayStation Move motion controller and add a SingStar mic, then follow the lead of the on-screen dancer - if you can. As with the singing, it's a case of the better you dance, the better you score - so it's double the challenge and double the fun.

Sackboy's Prehistoric MovesTM (December 2010)
Travel to the dawn of time with Sackboy and your friends for this very special version of the world's most creative videogame. It's multiplayer only, which means you'll be teaming up with at least one pal to bounce, swing and grapple your way through a prehistoric Craftworld where anything can happen. One of you wields PlayStation Move motion controller to grab and control switches and levers, while up to four more get to join in with DUALSHOCK®3/SIXAXIS wireless controllers to navigate the team across a bubbling volcano, through a Neolithic city and through the very insides of a Tyrannosaurus. This downloadable game has ten levels with new skills to learn, trophies to win, dinosaur heads to jump around on and even the occasional Pterodactyl to toss before the final showdown with the Evil Big Rex - a dinosaur so large, foul-tempered and downright rotten it'll take all your creativity to defeat it.

Heavy RainTM Move Edition (Out Now)
When you combine complete freedom of motion with the knowledge that your smallest move could have dramatic consequences, you get a gaming experience like no other. A killer is on the loose in a grimy, rain-soaked town, and it's down to you to find him before time runs out for his latest victim. Heavy Rain had the critics raving for the immersive, emotional journey that it takes players on; now, you'll get to be even more involved as you employ your every move to battle hoodlums, explore dingy and dangerous locations and look for the truth as the clock ticks away. Featuring a brand-new level - The Taxidermist - developed especially for PlayStation Move, Heavy Rain Move Edition is a blend of gaming, cinema and action where every decision you make has the power to shape events. Make your next move carefully!

TV SuperstarsTM (Out Now)
Work your way from Z-list nobody to A-list fame, fortune and a glittering TV career - all of it from the comfort of your own home, thanks to PlayStation Move. Let PlayStation®Eye capture your likeness, then embark on a whole season's worth of TV-inspired challenges for you, your friends and family to play together. Tackle cookery shows where PlayStation Move becomes your spatula, gameshows where you'll use it to fire paint cannons - even DIY shows where the controller becomes your hammer and saw.  The better you do, the more famous you'll get, which means more glamour, more endorsements and more prime-time appeal. After all of that, you'll be ready for a commercial break - but that doesn't mean letting up; instead, you get to record your own adverts with you and your friends as the stars.

The Shoot TM (Out Now)
Take aim and fire with PlayStation Move's special shooting attachment, a piece of kit that's so fun to use, you'll come to think of it as an extension of your wrist. The Shoot takes the arcade shooter format and transports it to a B-movie lot in the bygone days of Hollywood, where you're the star of the action. Draw a bead on a range of Wild West baddies, hulking robots, or 1950s aliens, with who or what is attacking you depending on which set you're on. Team up with a friend, or go head-to-head at blasting the opposition for points. Shoot fast and firm and you might even catch the eye of the Director - and earn a career as a bona fide action movie star.

Time CrisisTM: Razing StormTM (Out Now)
Duck, shoot, duck, shoot and check immaculate hairstyle - Time Crisis is back! The critically-acclaimed classic of an arcade shooter is now fully compatible with PlayStation Move. Dodge every bullet, duck every missile and blast enemies hard: your team is on the trail of a criminal warlord protected by a mercenary army and it's all down to you. Your PlayStation Move motion controller is capable of becoming a sniper rifle or a rocket launcher that can take down everything around you. Wage war alone in single player story mode, enlist a friend for two-player arcade mode, team up four-player split-screen action or go online for eight-player mayhem. The mission depends on you and your shooting - so more power to your trigger finger!

The FightTM (Out Now)
Grip your PlayStation Move motion controller in a clenched fist and prepare to get down and dirty in this multiplayer fighter with a difference. Instead of bashing buttons to batter your opponent, you'll find yourself on your feet, punching, slapping and occasionally headbutting the air in front of you as the PlayStation Eye turns your every move into damage on your opponent. Incredibly lifelike, with spectacular physics, this is (hopefully) the nearest you'll ever get to participating in a streetfight in a back alley, an abandoned car park or even an empty swimming pool. Practise your jabs, swings and uppercuts on your own before laying down your challenge to an opponent - but if you didn't practise enough and things aren't going your way, you can always slip in an accidental elbow to the chin. There's even in-game money to bet on the outcome of fights - are you ready for backstreet brawling at its dirtiest in The Fight?

And something exciting to look forward to for 2011:

PlayStation®Move HeroesTM (Early 2011)
Ever wondered who might win in a Ratchet vs. Clank battle? Now you can find out. Dive into a futuristic world of classic PlayStation® heroes to become any one of six all-time greats -Ratchet, Clank, Jak, Daxter, Sly Cooper or Bentley - then play with or against your pals in a series of high-action challenges with PlayStation Move as your weapon to swing, blast, and fling the occasional sheep from. Pit your weapons and powers against each other in multiplayer mayhem and find out whether a Groovitron trumps a fistful of Dark Eco - or team up as a squad of superheroes for a campaign against a motley crew of bad guys with dubious designs on the universe, collecting power-ups, gadgets and new weapons galore.