Thursday, November 18, 2010

Former Sony Boss David Reeves Sees Sony/Microsoft One Console Future

Well this is odd.

Ex-President of Sony Computer Entertainment, David Reeves, thinks that in a few console cycles from now we might see a combined effort from Sony and Microsoft. Could the console archenemies get together and create one box to rule them all?

Maybe, but never underestimate corporate power struggles- remember that Sony and Nintendo tried to get together once to develop the SNES CD-ROM drive. That project led to a huge falling out between the companies and the birth of the Playstation.

Reeves than goes on to say that he sees Google as a huge player in the future of gaming. That I can agree with. It's clear that the industry bigs want a DLC path to be the one that games take- Google would fit right into that plan. He also says that he could imagine a future where tha landscape has changed and Google and Microsoft could team together.

Now that would be interesting- and maybe a little more likely than a team-up with Sony.