Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sony Pushes 3D Gaming in a Big Way

Sony's line of 3D TV's hasn't exactly been blazing through retail shops. If you saw our story last week, then you know that only 1% of UK households have or are intending to purchase on anytime soon- I can't imagine that it's much different for this side of the Atlantic.

So maybe that lends a little more understanding on why Sony is starting to give a mega push to 3D games on it's PS3 console. SCEE Director Mick Hocking told industry site develop-online.net that over 20 games being developed internally at Sony will implement stereoscopic 3D tech.

He also says that Sony is committed to helping third party companies develop games for the PS3 that take advantage of the third dimension.

Since there's next to zero support for the new gimmick from the buying public, I suppose Sony sees games as a possible lure to get consumers to bite on 3D TV's. Personally, I can't see it working- the prices are just too high and there's simply too much stuff' to buy to get the thing working. Glasses, a new TV, and of course the PS3 itself- that's not a cheap package, especially in this economic climate.