Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday Soapbox: 3D TV Looks to Flop This Holiday

3D Televisions are a fad.

But it's not news to me, I've held this since they were first introduced- the expensive glasses and upgrade fees (new TV and new Blu-Ray player unless you have a PS3) are just too heavy of a cost to get started with something that's really iffy in the impressive department.

Years ago I had a set of VR glasses- bought them at Electronics Boutique. Basically they were a pair of tiny monitors with stereo speakers mounted on a wearable frame. They were pretty cool but I wouldn't really call them Virtual Reality in any way. That said, I'd still rather have them back than sink a fortune into 3D TV.

And apparently I'm not alone-

A recent report published by shows that just 1% of households in the UK have a 3D set. The amount of poll responders who plan to buy one this Holiday? 1%. Yes, really. But it's not like the appetite for three dimensional entertainment isn't there, 48% of people said they would like a 3D TV- it's just that they don't really trust the current technology that goes into them.

Who can blame them? With goofy viewing requirements like the aforementioned glasses and the need for direct viewing (sit up straight dammit!), it's no wonder that the public at large is underwhelmed by this 'new' tech.

You want 'new' and 'different'? Try the Nintendo 3DS- no glasses required for a very nice little 3D image. Also, news broke a short time ago about the holographic technology coming in the next few years from Sony. Personally, I'll just wait for that thankyouverymuch.

Do yourself a favor, if you are determined to get a 3D set- wait a little while. I have this feeling that their prices are going to sink like a rock after the Holiday Season has it's way with them.