Friday, November 5, 2010

Xbox LIVE Update -- 'Where's the Arcade?' Edition

The biggest question mark this week was the absence of any LIVE Arcade releases. Usually there's at least something. Anyway, there's a few good demo's to try out and a sale on "pet related items". Eh...

  • Kinect Joyride
  • Rock Band 3
  • Apache: Air Assault
  • nuttin'
  • nuttin'
Deal of the Week

Avatar Pets
  • Snoopy, Flying Ace - was 800mspts now 400mspts
  • Risk: Factions - was 800mspts now 400mspts
  • Blade Kitten - was 1200mspts now 600mspts
  • Pug Dog - was 240mspts now 160mspts
  • Black Cat - was 240msts now 160mspts