Thursday, January 6, 2011

THQ's Homefront to Cripple Used Copy Buyers

Want to wait a bit and pick up publisher THQ's promising Red Dawn-esque shooter Homefront off of the used rack? Hope you don't like multiplayer then!

The game will use a version of an 'online pass' that will handicap used buyers during online matches and only allow them to level up their characters to level 5. Folks who buy the game new will be able to get all the way up to level 75.

Homefront will accomplish this feat by coming packed with a single use code that will unlock the full online experience. If you pick up the game used you can still get in on all the leveling up action, you just need to shell out an additional $10 for a new code.

This annoying trend started with last year's UFC 2010 by EA. Punishing gamers for buying your game used when they may not have bought it all at full price?

Just not all that cool guys.