Friday, January 21, 2011

'Batman: The Dark Knight Rises' Villains Chosen- Bane and Catwoman

Catwoman seems like an obvious choice to be in the next Batman movie from director Christopher Nolan. Rachel Dawes is out of the picture now and a female lead would pretty much have to have been either Catwoman or (Ra's Al Ghul's Daughter) Talia. The sometimes thief, sometimes hero, Selina Kyle will be played by Anne Hathaway.

Bane on the other hand, that's one that we didn't see coming. The chemically-enhanced criminal mastermind that broke Batman's back in the comics is a somewhat lesser known rogue that mainly was left behind in the '90s. His realistic super-strength (it's powered by a drug called Venom) and cold, calculating style will fit in nicely with the flavor of the gritty Nolan-verse. He'll be played by Tom Hardy.

Just one note: Please don't mess up the mask. Bane's mask is awesome as it is.

Thank you.