Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Call of Duty Games in Development

Just how many is anyone's guess at this point but Activision isn't exactly shy about milking a franchise.

Here's the scuttle right now as far as developers go: 
  • Infinity Ward, despite all of their issues with management, is reportedly still working on something CoD related (gotta be a new Modern Warfare, right?)
  • Treyarch, developers of the massive hit Black Ops, are working on a follow-up
  • Raven Software is now rumored to be working on either some kind of DLC for Black Ops, or something entirely new- but still under the CoD banner.
And there's more as well- innuendo is floating around the ether that there's a Call of Duty MMO in the works too. However you slice all that- it's one heaping helping of CoD. Too much?

It could be. Remember that when WWII was all the rage, there just wasn't enough of a market to support all of the 'me toos' that  came along trying to steal genre kings Medal of Honor and Call of Duty's thunder. Eventually, even MoH fell to the wayside.

Now that it seems like the modern era is the bees knees as far as FPS's go, there are getting to be an aweful lot of 'me toos' again. watering down the Call name might not be the greatest idea.