Monday, January 24, 2011

PSP2 Details Leak Out Just Before Official Announcement

So this Thursday (1/27) at 1:00 am local time (eastern) Sony will be holding a press confirence to discuss the PSP2. All will be revealed! But before we even get there, some stuff is already coming out about the new portable. Is any of this true though? We'll find out soon enough but in the meantime...

MCV is reporting that Sony's new baby will have an OLED screen. If it does, then the visuals are going to be a smack in the face to anybody who sees it- Nintendo included. In fact, when you take the small size into account, it's possible that image quality might surpass some home gaming rigs. Now that's impressive.

PSP2 will have built in 3G support. Lots of questions here- is this going to be anything like the nook or Kindle and have gratis access to a network? If not, what would the data plans look like? Will Sony work out a pricing plan that runs hand in hand with it's PSPlus program- will Plus members get the 3G access included in their subscription?

That last one would make the most sense. Plus membership would be a hell of a lot more attractive and Sony could move a little further away from the free aspect of it's online service all together.

So many questions- answers on the 27th. Shuddering at the price yet?