Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together Detailed

The next game in the classic Tactics Ogre strategy series, Let Us Cling Together, is coming to PSP's everywhere very soon now- February 25th to be exact -and publisher Square/Enix wants to get fans further hyped by releasing a detailed look at it's feature set.

It lies after the jump if you be brave enough to... read it-

Edit: whoops, the 25th is the Euro release- all of us here in the States can Cling Together starting on the 15th.

•       From the creators of FINAL FANTASY TACTICS, VAGRANT STORY and FINAL FANTASY XII. The original TACTICS OGRE development team reform to revitalise their iconic title.
•       Tactical, turn-based battles are brought to life with stunning graphics, sounds and animation.
•       New 3D maps that enhance the concept of height and improved battle engine, offering more compelling and realistic battles than before
•       Uncover the truth in a gripping tale of intrigue, betrayal and heroism.
•       Near-endless customisation and hundreds of abilities to choose from.
•       New characters not included in the original game
•       New Battle Skill ability, adds to the range of play beyond Magic and Special abilities
•       New graphics, music, gameplay and much more make this the definitive version of TACTICS OGRE
•       New and improved visuals that create a TACTICS OGRE experience with more detail than ever before
•       Re-arranged soundtrack from the original composers including 15 new compositions
•       Experience thrilling Challenge Battles against friends; create a battle party from your units and send them to challenge a friend’s units by exchanging ghost data