Monday, January 10, 2011

New inFamous 2 Details Emerge

in Famous 2 isn't all that far off at this point and Sony has graced us with a few new details for it's upcoming superhero exclusive. We already know it's a new city that Cole will be exploring, but what else will be new to the series?

* True Superhero Experience – Wielding god-like superpowers , discover what it means to be a true superhero with powerful cinematic sequences, stylized graphic cutscenes and epic boss battles which help bring Cole’s story to life.
Advanced Super Powers – Featuring a complete overhaul of the power system from inFAMOUS, experience what it’s like to be a full-blown superhero with enhanced electrical attacks, an improved melee fighting system and a host of new superpowers.
  •  Evolved Morality System- Cole once again has the choice to be mankind’s greatest hero or greatest villain, but this time around karmic choices directly affect the outcome of the story, for better or for worse.
All-New Open Dynamic World – Explore a virtually dense and more vibrant open world, set in the southern city of New Marais, with an increased level of interactivity, featuring over 100 simultaneous characters on screen, new gangs, destructible buildings and collapsible environments.
Enhanced Urban Exploration – Utilizing a highly-polished mo-cap and animation system to make climbing and exploring flow more fluidly, freely navigate the city and traverse nearly any surface with new fluid and dynamic parkour moves.

More powers and a better morality system sound pretty good but one thing that's still bothersome in these types of games is that you can choose to be bad at all- it is a superhero game isn't it?