Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Modern Combat: Domination Coming Soon on PSN

One of the very best FPS's available on the iDevice product line is the Modern Combat series of military shooters by mobile giant Gameloft. Reminiscent of Activision's Modern Warfare, MC just gets portable first person action 'right'.

And now, for the first time, the games are coming to home consoles. Available on January 19th, Modern Combat: Domination will bring a multiplayer only version of it's action to the Playstation Network. MC:D will make use of the PS Move as well and is the first PSN FPS to do so.

Look for 16 player firefights, 5 different maps with 6 gametypes, an arsenal of 13 available weapons, and a 72 level rank system that will unlock additional gear as you progress.

Modern Combat: Domination will cost you $8 when it land on the PSN next week.