Thursday, January 13, 2011

More PSP2 Rumor Leaks Out

Sony is apparently letting a few more tid-bits about it's upcoming PSP sequel out of the box. According to news site MCVUK, Sony is telling it's licensees that the portable will be a real powerhouse- supposedly as powerful as the Playstation 3.

And there's more-

The PSP2 will reportedly be out by the end of the year, just in time for Christmas and maybe even as early as October. Contrary to analysts, the console may also not be a download only affair but will offer games at retail on physical media of some kind- perhaps a new proprietary format? That last part is not to say that the PSN won't play a huge part in things- the PSP2 will have access to the same content (presumably even more so) as the original unit enjoys today. Downloadable PS2 games maybe?

Last but not least is the rumor that it will also incorporate a phone of some kind which will not be it's primary function- so don't worry. The PSP2 and the PSPhone are two separate animals.

The 27th can't come fast enough- might want to expect a big splash at e3 as well.