Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shock! Poll Finds That The Dark Knight Rises is Most Awaited Sequel

One of the web's top opinion polling sites today announced info on a bunch of public opinion topics for the big news stories for 2012. Most of the results will not surprise...

  • The Dark Knight Rises is the most anticipated 'sequel' of the year- beating out such titans as Jason Bourne, The Lord of the Rings, and Men in Black.
  • Black Sabbath is still popular
  • For some reason, nobody thinks the Giants are going to be in the Super Bowl (that one's kinda weird)
  • iPhone/iPad's are still popular
...Here's the really strange one (aside from the fact that there is even a Presidential result posted on a poll about pop culture- but maybe that's more telling than strange) - Ron Paul is getting massive amounts of support... from non-registered voters.

Guys, gals, dogs, cats- if you want Paul to win, you have to vote him in. Register.

As far as the Dark Knight goes, I figured. Even though LotR has a massive following, Batman's is probably bigger and the series is more recent. So even if they left Bane's voice completely undecipherable, it would still be the biggest film sequel of the year.

Actually, I'm betting on it being the biggest film of the year. I don't think the Avengers (what I see as the main competition) is going to have the legs to best it.