Monday, January 23, 2012

Nosferatu Wars Says No to Sparkles

Dark Horse comics new vampire tale, Nosferatu Wars (premiering in Dark Horse Presents later this year), is all set to "blow the sparkle off of the undead"

The Black Plague was a time of death and misery . . . except for the undead. For vampires, the Black Death was a welcome relief from being hunted and a time of incredible growth for the undead. On the night of their wedding, two vampire lovers are torn apart and separated for five hundred years, setting off a sequence of events that will bring the modern world to its knees!
Sounds like an interesting premise- I hope they explore the dark ages a bit, could be a very cool setting for a vampire book. Although, the creators probably know what they're doing- they're Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith. Don't know who they are? They created the 30 Days of Night series.
“I haven’t been this excited about working on something in a long time. Menton3 is the perfect artist and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be doing this at Dark Horse,” Niles said. “This year I’m making a big push to become 100 percent creator owned. Nosferatu Wars will be a big part of that, I hope.”
Don't know what a 'Menton3' is? It's He's not a droid- he's a (probably) human who penciled Monocyte, Proof: Endangered, and Crawl to Me. Nosferatu Wars will be available later this year, but no firm date has been announced by the publisher or creators as of yet. Whenever it's released, you can be sure of one thing- there won't be a single grain of glitter to be found.