Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rich Johnson Charged with Many Murders

Rich Johnston is the editor of Bleeding Cool and is not actually charged with any murders. No, he's instead penning a three part horror tale for Dark Horse Presents.

Starting with issue #8, DHP will start a story arch dubbed 'The Many Murders of Miss Cranbourne'.
Have you ever wondered how amateur detectives keep stumbling over dead bodies? Miss Cranbourne doesn’t. Because she kills them. Then finds someone else to pin the blame on.
In “The Vicar Slash’d from Side to Side,” Miss Cranbourne is at odds with the local man of God, and so introduces him to his maker. But in a 1940s English village held together by gossip and sharp looks, how will Miss Cranbourne ensure people look in the direction she’d prefer? And what happens when a man from Scotland Yard arrives to take over the case? This is Dexter meets Miss Marple. 
“Some people wonder how comic book deals are done. Dark Horse publishing The Many Murders of Miss Cranbourne was a handshake deal made while standing in line at Ralph’s during San Diego Comic-Con. I recommend it to anyone,” states Rich Johnston.
The artist behind the story is Simon Rohrm├╝ller, whose previous one-shot with Johnston, Watchmensch, received critical acclaim. 
“Working on The Many Murders of Miss Cranbourne was loads of fun, as aside from the interesting concept, it reunited me with Rich on a project again. Having worked with Rich in the past, and knowing how easy he is to work with, there really was nothing to it; I just jumped straight into it, knowing I’d have a great time,” said Rohrm├╝ller.
Dark Horse Presents #8 is on sale February 1, 2012!
Sounds like good clean bloody fun!