Tuesday, January 10, 2012

iOmounts Debuts Line at CES

Okay, so this is pretty cool. iOmounts makes stands for portable devices. Really simple and cool stands that work magnetically.

Basically, you stick the little magnetic plate onto the back of whatever you'd like to stick onto the stand and away you go... or rather, away you don't go. The stand will securly hang onto your device and actually provides you a full range of viewing angles.

  • Multi-tasking office Jedi? Queue up your sync-ing tablet or phone right next to your existing video array, placing it at eye-level AND freeing up precious desktop space.
  • Movie buff? Bibliophile? Use the upcoming articulating arm version to position your tablet in the optimal viewing position for movies or books.
  • Gearhead? Keep exploded tech diagrams not only handy, but at the perfect viewing angle while you're under the hood.
  • Epicurean? Keep recipes close-at-hand, but above the countertop spills and fray.
  • A/V Club? Keep controls for your entire AV system within arm's reach...and then out of harm's way.

"The question we're most often asked is, 'It's so simple, why hasn't anyone thought of it before?'" notes Tamas Kovacs, co-owner and co-inventor of the iOmounts system. "We feel that iOmounts has the potential to become the standard for mounting electronic devices in hotel rooms, airports, lounges, classrooms, training facilities, hospitals and conference rooms - any place where visibility, ease-of-use and convenience are considerations."
That's a pretty good point about the "why hasn't anybody thought of this already". It'd even work as a stand for your portable console- although you couldn't really play games on it, it could be a storage solution. Actually, you could conceivably use the iOmount for just about anything that has enough room for the metallic disc- lots of possibility there. 

No pricing or release date as of yet for the iOmounts system though, looks like something to watch out for.