Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Sports App Takes You to the Bleachers

Bleacher Report is one of the biggest up and coming sports hubs on the net, and now the site has launched a convenient little tablet version of itself with Team Stream HD for iPad.

Much like the company's iPhone and Android apps; Team Stream for iPad will deliver sports news, opinion, and analysis right into the waiting arms of your iPad. As a nice little bonus, the app also features push alerts to get you news as it breaks and has a fully customizable look to boot.
 "Over the past year, we've seen a tidal wave in content consumption through mobile devices," said David Finocchio, Co-Founder and VP of Content and Product at Bleacher Report. "Through this new tablet experience, Bleacher Report is moving to transform the way fans follow the teams and topics that they care about."
A tidal wave of consumption indeed- Bleacher Report boasts over 22 million users and is currently the 5th largest "sports media destination" on the net.

You can add to those numbers by grabbing Team Stream HD right now on the App Store by clicking here- it's a free download.