Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sundance picks the best films to get you in the Olympic spirit

With the 30th Olympiad in full swing, the Sundance Institute has hand selected its favorite movies to stoke that competitive fire in all of us.

Whatever your favorite sport, there's probably a flick about it (or at the very least, one of its star athletes). The list compiled by Sundance might leave out a few gems here and there, but it definitely has that Olympic flavor.

And so, in no particular order, here's the Institute's picks for the films of the games:

  • Prefontaine
  • The Other Dream Team
  • One Day in September
  • China Heavyweight
  • Kick in Iran
  • T-REX
Not sure what some of those are? Never heard of T-REX? Click here to go to the Sundance Institute's page of all things gold, olympic, and motion picture.

Photo is from Steve James' film Prefontaine, which chronicles the famed amateur runner's rise to the US Olympics team.