Thursday, August 9, 2012

From across the Rainbow Bridge- it's Fear Itself Minimates

I haven't read Marvel's Fear Itself mini-series (about an Asgardian war on Earth), but if these new Minimates are anything to go by, I think I may be missing out.
Last summer, the "Fear Itself" event rocked the Marvel Universe. Heroes and villains from across the Marvel Universe were transformed into The Worthy, hammer-wielding minions of Cul, the Norse God of Fear. In response, the All-Father Odin equipped his own team of heroes, The Mighty, with Asgardian weaponry that would end the aggression of his brother, the Serpent. Titans clashed, the world shook, and heroes fell. And then Diamond Select Toys made Minimates for it!
The mini's will be available in a pair of four packs that are set to hit comic and specialty shops next week. One set will be based on characters from 'The Worthy' and one from 'The Mighty'.

The Worthy will include The Serpent (Cul), Skadi (Sin), The Grey Gargoyle as Mokk, and The Thing as Angrir. Ready to bust through their packaging in The Mighty set will be the All-Father himself- Odin, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Hawkeye. All four of The Mighty heroes will be decked out in the Asgardian best too and accurately reflect their looks in Fear Itself.

Grab both box sets for yourself next Wednesday and re-create the clash of the titans... no wait, that's not right.