Monday, August 6, 2012

One more day for MOTUC/DCU subscriptions

Mattel's subscription only toy lines, Masters of the Universe Classics and DC Club Infinite Earths, only have one more day to nab enough subscriptions to move forward for another year. The main man in charge for the company, Scott Neitlich, has a little something to say about that in a new video segment he's produced.

Click through and check it out-

So it's kind of good news then that MOTUC at least will probably be making its quota of subs to move forward. The thing is, of course, that Club Infinite Earths has a boat load of cool stuff coming for 2013 that just flat out won't get made if not enough folks subscribe for the year.

I won't mince words here- I'm a fan of both lines and the whole Matty Collector experiment. I really want these toy lines to go on. And as Neitlich says, if you want these toys to continue, you need to subscribe. What's the worst thing that could happen- you get a fig you really don't like and sell it on eBay or to your local comic shop?

Bottom line - if you have the dough (and you're a DCU or MOTU fan) please think about subscribing to the toy lines.