Thursday, February 2, 2012

Vybe is a Music Info Machine

One of the latest 'New and Noteworthy' apps on the iOS App Store, Vybe is like a little news filter for all the bands you care about.

Basically, Vybe scans the vast (or teensy) library of installed tunes on your iDevice and then sifts through the wealth of info on the web about the artists behind said tunes. You then get all that good stuff downloaded, in real time, onto your device- but the fun doesn't stop there.

Want to find a concert for your group of choice? Vybe will have that for you and more, because it's also a storefront for pretty much anything you could want that's music related.
The reason for Vybe’s growing popularity is the app’s unique ability to keep users connected with the music they love. Vybe is a user’s one-stop-shop for new albums, singles, videos, and concerts.  It creates comprehensive artist profiles by pulling real-time updates from across the internet. Created to be a “better platform for artists to connect with their fans and fans with the music they love,” Vybe provides a mobile space for users to effortlessly keep up.
Sound good? Check out the number 23 ranked (and climbing) app on the store right now by simply clicking here.