Thursday, February 16, 2012

Protect your iOS Web Surfing With PassTouch

Worried about your passwords, search history (ahem), and other online stuffs being discovered and otherwise ogled? PassTouch has a nice little solution for you.

Passtouch is introducing a new universally accepted “signature type” password alternative and web browser for touch screen devices like the iPad. Passtouch works a lot like a signature, but offers even more creative freedom. Users create their own Passtouch design by drawing a single continuous line over an interface provided on the company’s app.  Unlike anything else that has been previously created, Passtouch is truly intuitive and takes advantage of the iPad’s highly responsive touch screen.  Free and paid versions of the app are available in the iTunes App store.
Apparently, there's quite a bit you can do with the feature as it allows for a lot of freedom in creating your own unique 'PassTouch'. After you've drawn your scribble, PassTouch unlocks everything you do online by remembering and storing all of your bookmarks, codes, and passwords... so this is something that you probably don't want anyone else having access to.
The Passtouch web browser allows multiple users to create private profiles, each with their own history and bookmarks. Profiles are protected by a single Passtouch signature, no typing required. While browsing, website log-in details can be saved as bookmarks, which provide one-touch access to password protected sites.
Pretty cool idea. The company is also touting the ease of use that PassTouch offers to those with limited dexterity and the disabled. It also can support multiple users (each with their own 'signature') and is so easy "We even have a four-year-old using it" according to company CEO Jason Boger.

PassTouch is available now on the iPad App Store with both free and paid versions ($1.99 for the ad free paid one)