Friday, February 3, 2012

Facebook Timeline Not Proving too Popular

The merry pollsters over at polled their users about the 'Timeline' feature that Facebook (who recently announced their IPO) will be rolling out as a mandatory element to it's 800 some-odd million users this week. The results were... not too good to put it mildly.
In a landslide, 70% of poll respondents stated that they did not like Timeline and hoped that Facebook would “lose it.” Only 20% indicated that they liked it, while 10% said that they were not Facebook users.
While 30% of users between ages 18 and 24 like Timeline, only 10% of those over 65 were happy with the new design.  When broken down by gender, men and women had exactly the same opinion – 77% dislike Timeline, while 23% like it.
Ouch. With an initial reaction like that, it might be a hard sell for the social media giant to get the new feature to take off in any meaningful way. Although, just how many of the polled are actual Facebook users is an unknown too; and there's always the chance of the 'hater effect'.