Friday, February 24, 2012

Doodle Roll Wins 'Best in Play' at Toy Fair

Although Imagination Brands' Doodle Roll hasn't been around all that long as of yet (it was released last Summer) it's fast become a favorite toy of critics and kids alike, taking home a boat load of awards.

The latest prize nabbed by the roll-out art studio is the Parenting Magazine 'Best in Play' award for Toy Fair 2012. The mag sifted through quite a few entries in the creativity toy catagory (shown off at Toy Fair), but chose Doodle Roll as tops-
“It is extremely gratifying to have been recognized by such a prestigious and trusted publication as one of Toy Fair 2012 ‘Best in Play’,” said Marc Cooper, Chief Doodle Officer of Imagination Brands and cocreator of the Doodle Roll®. “The entire team, including our valuable vendors, has worked exceptionally hard over the past year to deliver a top quality product that not only looks first class but functions extremely well. It is amazing how far we have come in such a short time and it is truly exciting to have so many Doodle Roll® versions and other products in the pipe line.”

The toy is actually pretty neat- if you're not familiar with the product, it features a 30' roll-out paper canvas and storage for crayons. Imagination Brands also says they'll be rolling (*ahem) a bunch of new stuff throughout the year- you can check them out right here.