Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Xbox European Head Says Kinect Shortages Not Manufactured

Last week industry annalist Michael Pachter claimed that Microsoft and Sony were 'fixing the books', so to speak, about Kinect and Move shortages. Basically accusing the rival companies of trying to get a fervor going over their newest peripherals.

This week, MS UK general manager Neil Thompson, has gone on the record saying that it simply isn't true and that this kind of a thing with new hardware could not be a managed occurrence.

Honestly, there's no proof that what Pachter said is true- but is it really that hard to create a 'shortage'? I doubt it. All you'd really have to do from a manufacturers standpoint is hold back a few shipments.

There's a big negative to doing it in that you'll stand to sell way less product if you screw your 'shortage' up. But this is really nothing new in the industry, Sony has been accused of cutting supply with everything since the PS2 (they might have even done it with the PS1, I can't really remember) and I don't think that we've seen the last of it either.

If you do it right, you stand to whip people into a Cabbage Patch Kid-like frenzy. And you know what the outcome of that is don't you? Hint----> $

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