Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Star Wars The Old Republic to Have 10 Year Lifespan

Well this kind of explains this. I'm actually feeling a little dopey not having realized it before, but EA now says that it's projected lifespan for the forthcoming massively multiplayer RPG from uber-dev Bioware, Star Wars The Old Republic, is expected to be a full decade.

Now, who knows if that will actually happen- as unlikely as it is, the game could tank and I doubt that Sony thought Star Wars Online would fail -but it might not be all that crazy. World of Warcraft is still going strong and the release of it's newest expansion pack this week, Cataclysm, is sure to bring both the faithful and the lapsed back in droves.

The MMO recipe is one that works, no doubt, but finding that *just right* mix of ingredients can prove elusive. If Bioware can make TOR work with that same addictive WoW quality and readily support it with expansions, then 10 years isn't a stretch at all.

I just hope that the great single player Knights of the Old Republic series still has a chance for a third outing- not big on MMO's here.

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