Monday, July 23, 2012

Watch dinosaurs chomp some ET's today

Director Barry Sonnenfeld (Men in Black) and Grant Morrison's (Batman Inc.) Dinosaurs vs Aliens motion comic is live and in living color today on Yahoo! Screen.

Produced by Liquid Comics, the motion comic is an adaptation of the graphic novel of the same name. That book was created by Sonnenfeld and written by Morrison. You might be quick to dismiss Dinosaurs vs Aliens as more than a little kooky- and you might be right. But go little deeper into it, because though it might be a little off-center, this prehistoric tale actually sounds pretty awesome.

Created by Barry Sonnenfeld and written by comic book superstar Grant Morrison, “Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens” is a motion comic version of Liquid’s upcoming graphic novel based on a secret world war battle that was never recorded in our history books. When an alien invasion attacks Earth in the age of the dinosaurs, our planet’s only saviors are the savage prehistoric beasts which are much more intelligent than humanity has ever imagined.As the premier digital media company, Yahoo! sets the bar for best-in-class original video programming  with 21 out of the top 25 most-watched online series* and captures more than 57 million unique viewers a month** who come to Yahoo! to watch video. 
Check out the first episode (and some aliens making like chew toys) on Yahoo!'s video service by clicking right here.